Executive Board Committee
Chair: Jason Job
Work Program and Goals:

  1. Recruit board members who represent the diverse community we serve
  2. Organize Strategic Planning Retreat through completed plan
  3. Review and update board policies
  4. Board Member Performance Reviews/Action
  5. Annual Staff Performance Reviews
  6. Finance

Governance / Safety Committee
Chair: Paul Washington
Work Program and Goals:

  1. Review our policies and procedures against National standards; make recommendations
  2. Review Insurance policies as well as safety policies; make recommendations
  3. Review financial / Tax Exempt status for continued compliance

Scholarship / Programming Committee
Chair: Ray Hamman (Scholarship); Jim Spragg (Programming)
Work Program and Goals:

  1. Review scholarship applications to ensure they are current and accurate
  2. Review all applications submitted for scholarships
  3. Recommend to the full board the applicants who are chosen for each award annually
  4. Define quality programming and means of measuring performance
  5. Determine strategies to increase retention (and having fun!)
  6. Outreach to serve more children from underserved communities

Development Committee
Chair: Russ Hodge
Work Program and Goals:

  1. Develop partnership agreements and relationships with corporate sponsors/donors
  2. Identify 3 partners at the $25,000 or above level
  3. Work with golf tournament committee chairs on sponsorships
  4. Develop and begin implementation of an individual campaign
  5. Provide guidance and a marketing strategy for print, social and television media for implementation in Spring 2018

Meetings will be held at Blacklick Woods Golf Course. For directions, click here.