Orty’s Outing 2017 Registration Information

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the field is full – We are now accepting names for the WAIT LISt

Please call 614-751-8227 for details

Event Details

This is an exclusive opportunity to play on The Golf Club!  The First Tee Central Ohio will be hosting an all-day event on Monday, September 11th at The Golf Club in New Albany, Ohio.  We are registering both individual players for $1000 and foursomes for $4000.

Monday, September 11, 2017 at The Golf Club.

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Foursome Total $4,000

Foursome Less Deposit $3,200

Individual Total $1,000

Individual Less Deposit $800 

About The Golf Club

The Golf Club was founded in 1967 by Fred Jones with the simple goal of having a private club where he and his friends could play golf and enjoy themselves. Mr. Jones managed to piece together a 400 acre parcel of land and then took a chance on a virtually unknown architect by the name of Pete Dye to build his golf course. When the project was finished a world class golf club was left as a monument to their partnership.  In 2013, Pete Dye was brought back to the club for the first time since the courses inception to restore with minor redesign to the course, and bring it the Golf Club back to the forefront golf course greats around the world.

special guest – Bobby Clampett

A PGA Tour Life Member, television golf broadcaster and successful author of The Impact Zone. His most recent endeavor, Impact Zone Golf is the global leader in golf industry innovation.

Bobby established his golf resume as a champion competitor, winning at the amateur, collegiate and tour professional levels, with his first victory against tour professionals as a 19-year old.

Most recently, much of his time is spent teaching this philosophy, known as Impact-Based teaching, at his Impact Zone Golf Academy locations in Naples, Florida.